Meet Dominic Saadi
"A Lebanese restaurant is something new for downtown Scranton. What do you want people to realize is so special about it?"
It's a world-class cuisine that deserves to be presented in a first-class ambience. The food is as delicious as it is healthy -legumes, herbs, beans and olive oil crafted in a rich, culinary tradition. Mediterranean dining is a very enjoyable experience.
"I know your recipes are passed down from your parents. What is your favorite of all the creations?"
The Kibbeh Naya, which is a Lebanese-style steak tartar - superb.
"What kind of advantage did you have by seeing what your parents did with their businesses?"
Great recipes and the best of hospitality.
"Family has always been important to the Lebanese culture. Do you have a lot of relatives involved with this new venture?"
Mainly my sister, Juliette, who is the inspiration for the cafe and the medium for the recipes.
"What are you most looking forward to about being in downtown Scranton?"
Engaging the public in a cafe that provides a table for great food, conversation and the exchange of tastes and ideas.
"What will the atmosphere be like at your business? Are you planning on catering to a certain type of clientele?"
The atmosphere will be warm and friendly, and everyone is welcome.
"Where do you see your business a year from now?"
Better and more popular.
Published: Sunday, February 15, 2009 in the Scranton Times Online-Newspaper
"City Cafe probably has the most authentic, delicious Lebanese food I've had outside of my own families' cooking."- C.B.
"If you are in the area you must eat here! The food is delicious and so fresh. Everything was cooked to perfection with lots of pleasant surprises."- Andrea B.
" The food was all really excellent, and perfect for a family with both vegetarians and meat-lovers."- Kristin M.
"I'm in Scranton for 2 weeks and I've been eating here at lunch every day so I can try something different. Although they have meat kabobs, I'm a vegetarian and I can find lots on the menu to eat."- GGirl T.

"Friendly staff and amazing food. What a treat!"

- Ellen B

"Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I received many compliments on the luncheon. There was a little left over from the tasting platter and people have been enjoying visiting the kitchen for a mid-afternoon snack. Thank you for accommodating us and for the fabulous, healthy and fresh food!"

- Tricia

"We found the City Cafe on a recent trip, and it was the highlight of our weekend! Great food, warm ambience, friendly staff, and a very friendly owner willing to converse with his customers."

- Jack & Mimi

"Beautifully tasting Lebanese and Mediterranean dishes. Our family has eaten here several times and all four of us find it one of the best restaurants we've visited. We're all vegetarian and this restaurant has plenty of vegetarian choices."


"Very, very good. The food is fresh and not overly salty or spicy. My first time here and I will be going back."

- Donna

"Visited for lunch over Columbus Day weekend. Service was prompt and courteous. Kafta kabob was perfectly spiced. Owner came by for a chat. All in all an excellent stop on the long trip home. With easy on and off from I-81 via Scranton Expressway, why opt for fast food or a chain? Recommended."

- Ken C